Sunday, December 17, 2006

L. Ron Hubbard: Shaping the 21st Century with Solutions for a Better World

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Ron Hubbard is known world over as the founder of the Scientology religion. A truly international figure, he reached out to people in all lands and all cultures with his philosophy, and Scientology missions and churches now span five continents.

That international growth began at a pivotal time inMr. Hubbard’s life when he called Europe home. Throughout the 1950s, as the vanguard of the Scientology movement, he would regularly traverse the Atlantic to Europe, touring the continent, establishing new centres and delivering lectures. In 1959, when expansion in both Europe and abroad created the need for a truly international training and administrative centre, Mr. Hubbard purchased the southern England country estate of Saint Hill. It was from here he directed the worldwide expansion of Scientology and established the Saint Hill College, offering ministerial graduate courses.