Tuesday, November 08, 2005

L. Ron Hubbard:Shaping the 21st Century with Solutions for a Better World

There is a very interesting web site on L. Ron Hubbard, published by the Church of Scientology International European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights.

Ron Hubbard is known world over as the founder of the Scientology religion. A truly international figure, he reached out to people in all lands and all cultures with his philosophy, and Scientology missions and churches now span five continents.

That international growth began at a pivotal time in Mr. Hubbard’s life when he called Europe home. Throughout the 1950s, as the vanguard of the Scientology movement, he would regularly traverse the Atlantic to Europe, touring the continent, establishing new centres and delivering lectures. In 1959, when expansion in both Europe and abroad created the need for a truly international training and administrative centre, Mr. Hubbard purchased the southern England country estate of Saint Hill. It was from here he directed the worldwide expansion of Scientology and established the Saint Hill College, offering ministerial graduate courses. >>

Monday, November 07, 2005

L. Ron Hubbard on Riots

With riots going on in France I checked out what L. Ron Hubbard wrote about riots. I found a very interesting essay on the subject, written in 1969 at the hight of the American anti-war movement, when students and African-Americans were rioting in major cities around the US.

I think this is every bit as appropriate today as it was then:

Riots are not always caused by economic deprivation.

The bulk of American riots are caused by injustice.

Only the wealthy can afford justice. It may say there must be justice in the Constitution but it can only be obtained in upper courts.

The little fellow doesn’t have a hundred thousand dollars to fight the unjust actions of those in power.

Until there is justice for the little people, not just for the rich, there will be riots. And these riots can easily swell into complete raw red revolution.

The full article can be read online. It is part of the magazine "L. Ron Hubbard: the Freedom Fighter"

With everything that L. Ron Hubbard did in his extraordinary lifetime, I think that it was his love of freedom and insistance on it for all of us that made him so very exceptional.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Scientologists Explain Religious Views

This article was in The Heights and was posted on miscavige.blog-city.com

"Scientology is just not like anything
else," said Rev. Robert Castagna of the Church of Scientology in Boston
on Tuesday night. "Some say it is a blend of Eastern and Western
religious customs. Others try to label it as a 'self-help' kind of
program. The fact of the matter is that there is just nothing like it
in the entire world."

Castagna's opening remarks set the stage
for the night as he and his colleague and fellow Scientologist Erik
Bayersdorfer attempted to answer many questions about the history and
beliefs of the Church of Scientology

Scientology, Castagna
said, is now the fastest growing religion in the world. He points to
the inherent flexibility of the religion as its major appeal.

Scientology, we don't tell you how to worship and we certainly don't
tell you who to worship," he said. "What's true for you is true for
you. We, instead, help you to strengthen your spiritual life."

Next, Castagna recounted the life of
L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. Hubbard, already an
esteemed writer by his early 20s, began to travel the world in search
of "a common denominator unifying all knowledge." >> more