Sunday, December 10, 2006

In Honor of Human Rights Day

Here is one of my favorite L. Ron Hubbard essays, in honor of Human Rights Day 2006.

W hen things are not running right, when the public, unable to perceive why, drift down to an apathy below perception, when a culture, already misguided, drifts further and further toward ruin, the nation is fortunate indeed that it has men with the genius to recognize approaching doom and the courage to speak out.

Fought, discredited, reviled by a blind system in the hands of a power elite careless of all destinies but their own short span, contemporary philosophers are called “Revolutionaries,” “Communists,” “Agitators,” “Malcontents,” “Rabble-rousers” and any other harsh word which the captive press and the arrogant pompous and blind Establishment can find in their dictionaries.

Heedless, deaf to all reason, psychotic in their righteousness, the “pillars of society,” the “safe men,” like the treacherous rams of the stockyard who lead the sheep to the slaughter pens, refuse to hear any faintest criticism of their senselessness and fight back with an underhanded ferocity that seeks by any discrediting means to still any and all new thought.

Yet a nation should be warned. When times decay and the death march for the system can be heard still faintly but growing stronger, there are strong voices in the land. >> Continued