Tuesday, March 16, 2004

To get back on topic, moving from Malaysia to the other side of the world, Mr L. Ron Hubbard set up one of the first advanced Scientology organizations up in Denmark. Europe having a huge number of Scientology parishioners, required a central location where those who had reach higher states of spiritual awareness could be ministered to.

This is a web site that gives the locations of the different Churches of Scientology in the Denmark region.
This includes AOSHEU (AOSH EU).

Denmark Churches of Scientology and AOSHEU or AOSH EU

As additional information, the AOSH EU stands for Advance Organization Saint Hill Europe (AOSHEU).

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

A very helpful article was published in the New Straits Times of Malaysia. They don't have an online version, so I'm reprinting it here.

Reducing anxiety
By Vithyaa Ramiah

You just have to take a hard look at the world we live in. There has never
been a better time for worry. We have problems everywhere, what with the
Iraqi war, potential terrorism and unstable global economy. We are seeing
more businesses closing and more home foreclosures. Add in personal
worries, work problems or marriage problems, and you get anxiety.

Some tell-tale symptoms of anxiety are: you worry about everything, you
are afraid of making mistakes, you find it hard to make decisions, you
feel nervous for no reason, you feel weak or tired, you often imagine the
worst, your body is tense, and you sleep poorly.

People jump to quick remedies, and in most cases they can at best be
only false solutions. Here are three false solutions:

1. You visit your doctor and get a prescription for some anti-anxiety
medication. After a few weeks, you feel calmer. However, you dislike
adding chemicals to your body. You don't want the side-effects. You hate
needing a drug for your happiness.

2. You visit your local bar or liquor cabinet. After a drink or two, you
feel calmer. Alcohol has the same disadvantages. You worry about your
liver or alcoholism. You wish your happiness did not come from a bottle.

3. You go to a hypnotist or buy "subliminal" tapes that give you
commands while you sleep. If you can go under, you feel calmer after the
sessions. But again, you hate not being in control of your feelings, good
or bad. Your anxiety comes back in new forms. You wonder what other
commands the hypnotist gave to you.

By making one easy change in your lifestyle, you can cut out a
significant amount of anxiety. It's simple but powerful: All you do is
stop listening to the Merchants (sellers, distributors) of Chaos
(disorder, confusion).

"It is to their (the chaos merchants ) interest to make the environment
seem as threatening as possible for only then can they profit. Look over a
newspaper. Is there anything good on the front page? Rather there is
murder and sudden death, disagreement and catastrophe. And even that, bad
as it is, is sensationalised to make it seem worse."

- L. Ron Hubbard

Anyone who profits from the suffering of others becomes a chaos merchant
if he seeks to increase his income or popularity by making the world seem
worse than it is.

Here are some recommendations to help you stop listening to the chaos

Stop reading newspapers and news magazines. Just completely cut out
the news in your life. Instead, read an interesting book.

Stop watching the news on the television. How does it help you or
anyone to know about deaths, dangers and catastrophes? Instead, watch an
upbeat show or take a walk.

Avoid people who like to pass on disturbing "news". Instead, spend
time with people who like to pass on cheerful news.

If you are not sure if the chaos merchants really have any effect on
you, do the above steps for seven to 10 days. Then go back and read the
newspapers, watch the news, and listen to disturbing people for a few
days. Notice how you feel now.

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