Tuesday, August 16, 2005


L. Ron Hubbard started up the Scientology Volunteer Ministry many years ago with the express purpose of helping people with their day to day problems. He also envisioned a corps of volunteers who could use Dianetics and Scientology techniques in emergency/disaster situations.

Over the years the Scientology Volunteer Ministers corps has built up to over 10,000 around the world.
They were active in New York during 911, they have helped with disaster relief in Florida during hurricane season and were also very much on the scene in South East Asia after the Tsunamis hit.

These people are highly trained and know what to do to help in these situations, as well as help people with personal trauma. Their motto is "Something can be done about it!"

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


In the 1960's L. Ron Hubbard purchased and resided at St. Hill Manor in East Grinstead, England.

Saint Hill Manor, with its beautiful grounds, is the international training location for the "Saint Hill Special Briefing Course."

Back in the 60's Scientology Scientologists would travel from around the world to come to England for the lectures and training to become professional audidtors (counselling).

Scientology in the United Kingdom is not limited to East Grinstead, there are organizations in man cities in england, as well as an organization in Scotland.

Recently, following the bombings in London, Scientology Volunteer Ministers were on the scene working with emergency services, providing food and drinks for the rescue workers and assisting people who were in shock or upset in the area.

Scientology continues to grow England, as it does around the world. Continuing L. Ron Hubbard's legacy.