Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Scientology in England

With the grand opening of the Church of Scientology of London I thought I'd post a little bit on LRH's years in England, and how Saint Hill came to be the center for Scientology in the UK.

This is from the web site: L. Ron Hubbard - Shaping the 21st Century

(This is what David Miscavige was referring to when he said, "This day will go down in history. Of all the foreign lands where LRH lived and worked, he called England home.

"This is the city wherein he first defined the human spirit as an immortal being possessed of capabilities beyond anything predicted and so arrived at the axiomatic truths on which the whole of Scientology is founded."

Here's what the web site says:

In 1959, Mr. Hubbard and his family moved to England, where he purchased Saint Hill Manor in East Grinstead, Sussex. This was to be his home for the next seven years, and the worldwide headquarters of the Church of Scientology. There, in addition to his constant writing and lecturing, he began intensively training Scientologists from around the world so they, in turn, might return to their homelands and teach others. The mid-1960s saw him develop a step-by-step route for anyone to reach states of higher awareness. He also codified administrative principles for the operation of Scientology churches — work that brought about the expansion of the Scientology movement on every continent.