Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Here's the second principle LRH gave as part of "My Philosophy" --

"The second principle of my own philosophy is that it must be capable of being applied.

"Learning locked in mildewed books is of little use to anyone and therefore of no value unless it can be used."

I remember how excited I was when I took my first philosophy class in high school when I was a senior. We were going to study the great philosophers so we were going to learn the wisdom that had been accumuled in our culture. And I WANTED this.

But I was sorely disappointed.

I was actually shocked.

If this was the high tide of human understanding, it sort of explained the state of the planet.

So it was with great relief that I fina lly found and read books and listened to tapes by L. Ron Hubbard because HERE were the answers. I remember what a relief it was to me to realize I'd finally found truth!